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Studfall Junior Academy

Year 4 Science

Welcome to Science in Year 4, where there are plenty of opportunities for exploration, investigation and discovery. We have a fantastic year planned for our children, with brilliant practical investigations and amazing opportunities to develop their science skills.

Children will be investigating:

* Our changing world

* States of matter – In a state

* Sound – Good vibrations

* Electricity – Switched on

* The digestive system – Where does all that food go?

* Human impact

The children will also be participating in Studfall’s spectacular science week in March (keep an eye out for updates via our website, social media and newsletters to find out more) which we really hope you will join in with too.

Science is fabulous at our school and our children make great progress, our Science Principles, (see the main science section) tell you what they want in their lessons and we endeavour to provide it through great teaching, trips and extra-curricular activities.

Finally, why not have a go at some science at home, ‘Sixty Second Science ‘(located in the main science section) will help you to get started, who knows what you’ll discover!