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Studfall Junior Academy

Year 3 Science

Welcome to Science in Year Three where the lessons are full of scientific surprises!  We have an incredible year ahead of us! 


Children will be investigating:

  • Our Changing World
  • How we see things.
  • Our amazing bodies.
  • Power of forces.
  • Plants and how they grow.
  • We will become rock detectives! 


The children will also be participating in our Fabulous Science Week in March (keep an eye open for letters, Facebook and newsletters to find out more) which we really hope you will join in with too.


The Year Three children will be invited to visit, Thinktank Science Museum, in Birmingham.   Here, the children will take part in many interactive Science activities; explore in the scientific sensory garden, and take part in an electricity show!

Finally, have fun at home with some of our, ‘Sixty Second Science’ investigations!