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Studfall Junior Academy

Times of the Day


                                               MAIN ACADEMY          

Morning session begins              8.50am                           

Morning session end                  12.10pm to 1.10pm                                              

Afternoon session begins          1.10pm                                                     

Afternoon session ends             3.25pm                                                                                    

Parents are asked to encourage children to arrive on time. Frequent lateness will be followed up by letter and by the Academy Learning Mentors. We regularly remind children not to leave the premises at the end of the day unless an adult or older brother or sister (over 14 years) has come to meet them.  Parents who wish to make alternative arrangements, are asked to let us know of these in writing or verbally at the start of the academy year if a family has decided that their child is mature enough to walk home.  Children are only handed over to adults who are named on the admission form unless parents notify the Academy of alternative arrangements.