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Studfall Junior Academy

Science ​ ​

 Welcome to Science 



Mrs Forbes is our Science Lead

Science Curriculum Intent 

At Studfall Junior Academy we are passionate about our Science curriculum, and we ensure that ...

We nurture through enabling our children to develop a natural curiosity and desire to investigate things for themselves and by using a wide range of scientific investigative skills and vocabulary.

We believe in enabling our children to experience the awe and wonder of science in their local community and the wider world around , make links and connections for themselves and develop an understanding of the diverse range of scientists.

We discover through children investigating their own ideas and being brave and bold enough to challenge others.

We achieve through enabling our children to gain the knowledge and skills to not only go on and succeed at secondary school but to have the confidence and abilities to go on to pursue science created careers in the wider world and become the scientists of the future.


At Studfall Junior Academy, the opportunities for all our children are