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Studfall Junior Academy

School Council


As a Junior School Council we are very proud of our contribution to the life of the school.  The Council has been established for the past twelve years. It has been a consistent and reliable pupil voice for the whole of the school. Annual visits to the Mayor of Corby Chambers have been a fantastic opportunity to learn how the Borough of Corby is governed. Moreover, the visits have also been beneficial, in that they have allowed the children to voice their ideas and opinions about their town.  


Our annual elections reflect democracy and show the children how ‘real’ elections are administered.  Each representative receives a certificate and attend regular meetings. The Council vote for a Chair Person, notes are taken throughout the meeting and are shared with the Principles.  The representatives regularly hold meetings in their classes, so that the views of the children are conveyed.

The role of a school councillor

  • Attend regular meetings
  • Feedback to the class
  • Think of ideas
  • Give opinions
  • Be confident in themselves
  • Represent their class
  • Have outstanding manners

The Junior School Council are regular fund raisers, and all proceeds are either shared with charity or support projects within the school.  The Council contribution to the school has had an enormous positive impact and our annual summer fair is supported by the whole community and their generosity has facilitated the following:

  • Play equipment
  • Graffiti Walls
  • Breakfast Club
  • Playground equipment
  • Gardening Club
  • Class room games