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Studfall Junior Academy


PE at Studfall Junior Academy

Hello.  My name is Mr Lawson I am the lead for PE at Studfall Junior Academy.

To ensure that we succeed… 

Our PE Curriculum Journey offers a broad and balanced PE curriculum with all year groups that supports and promotes children's well-being, nurturing their physical as well as mental development through gymnastics, swimming, traditional sports, non-traditional sports, outdoor adventurous activities, multi skills, circuit training, sports hall athletics and leadership and team building.  All children in Y3 have swimming lessons.  Visiting coaches support some curriculum delivery and the children have enjoyed learning cricket skills from Northants Cricket’s Chance to Shine programme, Corby Tennis Club and Northampton Saints.

We appreciate the benefits of sport and physical activity for all our pupils. We provide a range of activities to introduce our children to new experiences, give them opportunities to be active together, improve on individual skills and believe in their abilities.


Within the curriculum and alongside traditional sports (football, rugby, netball, basketball, dance, swimming) we cover less traditional sporting activities to allow the children to discover new talents, new skills.  These non-traditional sports include Boccia, circus skills, achieving personal best: health related exercise, circuit training, ball skills, cheerleading and dodgeball.


Competitive sport

As a result of Covid-19 competitive sport between schools has been postponed. Here at Studfall Junior Academy children will be allowed to achieve and shine by taking part in intra-sport competitions. Children of all abilities will take part in competitive sporting activities at the end of some units of work once a term.  Here, whatever skills they have acquired will be used to compete as part of a team in differentiated competitions.