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Studfall Junior Academy

Maths ​ ​


Maths at Studfall Junior Academy.



Hello, I am Mrs Murray and I am the Assistant Principal and Maths Lead at Studfall Junior Academy.

Maths Curriculum Intent 

At Studfall Junior Academy, we aim to build essential mathematical knowledge, develop and embed key skills, and challenge and extend the children’s thinking.

To ensure that we succeed… 

We nurture our children by making their maths learning experiences enjoyable, motivating and exciting, and encourage all children to participate.

We believe that all our children have the right to fulfil their potential, and it is our role to ensure that we provide a varied maths curriculum, offering learning in different way that develops crucial life-skills.

We discover by giving our children the opportunity to develop their conceptual understanding through a range of practical, investigative and written work, and by using our superhero characters to advance our children’s learning through reasoning and problem-solving.

We achieve by acknowledging that everyone learns in different ways and recognising the need to develop pedagogies which enable all children to learn in ways which suits them.

Meet our Mathematical Superheroes

To help our children develop their reasoning and problem-solving skills, we have introduced three superheroes who all have special powers.   You will see their posters around school, work linked to each character in the books and hear the children using vocabulary associated with each superhero when discussing their work.

The superheroes have special powers to help the children  to develop their reasoning and problem-solving skills.


Captain Conjecture

  Generate Jess

Convince Me Vince