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Studfall Junior Academy


Lunch is from 12.10pm to 1.10pm.

The children buddy up with Year 3 and 5 and then Year 4 and 6.

The lunch is split into two halves; whilst half the school eat, the other half go out to play, they then swap over. There are extra resources out at lunch and the lunch supervisors encourage play etc. There is also another teacher out for both halves of the lunch.

There are many clubs that run at lunchtime too, please see clubs section.

Kingswood Kitchens provides our hot meals, which are cooked on site. The caterer provides vegetarian meals and a packed lunch alternative. These need to be ordered one week in advance on the Wednesday by midnight. Alternatively, children may bring a packed lunch to the Academy.  See leaflet enclosed in pack for more details of meals provided by Kingswood Kitchens.

Children who bring packed lunches bring their own non-fizzy drink, or water is freely available. Parents may send cartons of drink to the Academy. Flasks, cans or bottles are not acceptable because of the dangers of breakage or leakage. We also ask that parents do not put sweets or nuts into lunchboxes.

 Milk will be offered free of charge to children entitled to free school meals.