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Studfall Junior Academy


History at Studfall Junior Academy






Mr Ing is our History lead

History Curriculum Intent

In History, we nurture the children by teaching them skills of collaboration, resilience communication and most importantly enthusiasm. We do this by installing a passion about their history and give them a desire to learn about their historical past.




In History, we celebrate believe by helping the children understand what is means to be a British citizen. To be aware of how they link with the wider world.




In History, We discover by making sure that every child lets their curiosity take them on a journey to acquire the skills they need to make decisions about historical events.




In History, we achieve by acquiring the subject knowledge to become highly successful and reach their potential learning historical events and key figures.

So they know how they fit into this history of Corby and Britain as well as the wider world. This Will lead our children to success here and later on when they move on to KS3.