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Studfall Junior Academy

Equality Objectives

At Studfall Junior Academy, we aim to ensure equal opportunities for all pupils, staff, parents and carers, irrespective of race, disability, gender, religion, sexual orientation or socio-economic background. We are committed to providing a culture of diversity and inclusion, in which the school community feel proud of their identity and are able to participate fully in school life. We tackle discrimination through the positive promotion of equality, challenging bullying and stereotypes and by creating an environment which promotes respect and tolerance for all.

In compliance with the public sector equality duty, Studfall Junior Academy has carefully considered the key areas to ensure that we provide an environment where all children, visitors and staff are welcomed, valued and are treated equally. This work is obviously crucial and will always be ongoing. It will be reviewed annually.

Date set

Type of group



Achieved date

Oct 2019


Challenge stereotyping and promote equality of opportunities through teaching, pupil voice, awareness days, workshops and school trips.





To use performance data to monitor pupil achievement and respond to variations between groups of pupils, subjects, key stages, trends over time and comparisons with other schools.

Pupils have engaged in a range of activities which have demonstrated a heightened awareness of equality in the workplace and society in general. Pupils took part in Takeover Day (when they had an opportunity to take on the role of an adult in school), Careers week, (when they learned about a variety of careers and were able to interview people in a range of professions) and Challenging Stereotypes Day as part of our PSHE and Citizenship curriculum.


Interventions have been planned and delivered to address gaps in learning as identified in ongoing assessment.



Oct 2021

Oct 2019


To increase awareness and understanding of different communities and cultures through direct teaching, assemblies, workshops, cultural events and themed awareness weeks.


Ensure that pupil voice in school is represented by children from a range of multi-cultural groups.

Pupils have a heightened awareness of the value of diversity and difference in their school and society.





School council and Wellbeing Ambassadors represent the diversity of ethnic groups in school.

Oct 2021




Promote understanding and respect for differences in our school and wider community through teaching, religious celebrations, visitors to school and visits to places of worship.

Pupils have demonstrated increasing knowledge of a range of religious beliefs through Religious Education lessons, assemblies, visits to local churches and visitors to school from a range of different religions.


Oct 2019


To maintain and drive a positive culture towards the inclusion of children with special educational needs in all activities of the school.


To ensure that children with special educational needs are identified, assessed and provided for and that children have a voice in the process.

Pupils with SEN are able to access extra- curricular activities and adaptations made to the physical environment to ensure pupils with SEN can access all areas of the school.


Pupils who require additional support are given specific additional interventions and staff have had extra training to deliver them.

Regular review meetings and the “Pupil Voice” booklets have given pupils opportunities to share their views and feelings and has encouraged pupils to actively engage in setting their own targets for learning.

Oct 2021

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