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Studfall Junior Academy


​​​​​The following list outlines the academy's normal club schedule:

  • Board Games Club: Daily at lunch times. 10 sessions a week
  • ICT club: Lunchtimes (year groups on rotation on their ICT lesson day). 10 sessions a week
  • Dodge Ball Sports:8am-8.40am 1 session per week
  • Library & Homework club: Daily at  lunchtime. 5 sessions a week
  • D& T club: Friday lunch time 1 session per week
  • Games club: Friday lunchtime. 1 session per week
  • Football: Monday and Wednesday Lunchtimes. 2 sessions per week
  • Irish Dancing: Thursday after school (has a cost)
  • Corby Town Football Club Yrs 3/4: Monday after school (at a cost)
  • Dance Club: Monday lunchtime. 1 session per week
  • MMA Sports: 8am-8.40am (at a cost) 1 session per week

This is currently suspended due Covid 19- the need to maintain bubbles and increased staffing as a result.