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Studfall Junior Academy

Careers and Employability ​​

Careers Intent                                                           

At Studfall Junior Academy, we aim for all our children to feel motivated, inspired and excited to find out about the working world.

We nurture through enabling our children to develop listening, speaking, problem-solving, creativity, aiming high, leadership and teamwork skills.


We believe through teaching about the world of work we help our pupils to believe in their own abilities and gain an understanding of what life is like beyond the classroom and in the wider working world and through the teaching of careers and employability skills, we aim to boost the confidence of all of our pupils, raise their career aspirations and increase their future opportunities.

We discover through engaging our pupils in exciting, enterprising projects and enabling our pupils to find out more about the working world and how they fit into our community.

We achieve through providing our children with a wide and diverse range of role models from the world of work to inspire and teach them to follow their dreams and aspirations and to believe that anything is possible and achievable.