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Studfall Junior Academy


We aim to give the children an awareness of the need to care for their own bodies through health care, diet and cleanliness. We also aim to teach them to apply the knowledge and skills of safety education in the home, at play and on the roads as well as at the academy.


The academy has adopted the Circle Time model, which encourages all children to be aware of their role in promoting a happy healthy and safe community. During circle time classes discuss issues relating to PSHE and citizenship. This is linked to the school Behaviour Policy.  We also teach the Social and Emotional Literacy programme (SEAL) in which children can reflect on their own feelings and how they relate to others.

Children participate in academy and class councils which encourage them to discuss issues relating to the academy and the environment and to have their say.


Personal Development Education

Through National Curriculum Programmes of study and Religious Education, we begin to lay the foundations for this subject using topic work which deals with relationships.  In Years 5 &6 a parent meeting is held to discuss the programme content for the Personal Development Education we undertake in these year groups.

Parents have the right to withdraw their children from any part of sex education which is not linked with the National Curriculum. The policy for PDE which was agreed with parents and Governors is available from the school.


Drugs Education

The academy has a policy for drug education which has been written in conjunction with Studfall Infant Academy, local secondary schools, LA advisory teachers and the local health authority. In the KS2 the focus is on knowing what is good for you and medicines are safe for you. Children are encouraged to reflect on safe, healthy practices.